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Afollie Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics and Facts

Afollie Dog

Sometimes, the only large crossbreed dogs that come to mind are infamous Doodle crosses. However, the Afollie is a unique mix rising in popularity with many dog parents. A mix between the beloved and elegant Afghan Hound and Collie, this “designer dog” is sure to keep winning hearts for years to come. 

The Afollie’s parent breeds are both well-known. In particular, the American classic Collie is known for the the role of “Lassie,” a dog who performs acts of bravery. Both parent breeds are known to be eager to please their pup parents. However, they also can both be quite a lot for someone new to dogs.

The Afollie’s status as a crossbreed means that they’re unlikely to be found up for adoption. Still, there are millions of dogs waiting for homes in shelters. When looking for a specific breed, make an effort to adopt from a shelter or rescue. There are many similar mixes looking for new homes. Given the Afollie’s rarity, they might not be recognized by shelters and may simply be listed as a mixed breed.

Afghan Hound and Collie Pictures

(Photo Credit Left to Right: Unknown/Getty, 关心/Getty)

Afollie Highlights

  • The Afollie loves to be close with their human companions. Afollies are loyal to a fault and can make excellent guard dogs.
  • While the Afollie has a luxurious coat to be envied, it isn’t easy work to keep maintained. If you’re interested in an Afollie, make sure you’re okay with frequent grooming.
  • Afollies can be good fits for families and active individuals but aren’t suited for apartment living.

Afollie History

As the Afollie is a crossbreed, they don’t have history as their own breed. Both parent breeds, however, are well known and loved. The Afghan Hound is a large, elegant sighthound originating from Afghanistan. Once used to hunt speedy prey like rabbits and gazelle, today they are more likely to burn their energy off in a sporting event like agility. It’s not entirely clear where the Collie originated from, but they gained traction in America when Queen Victoria entered two of her personal pups in the Westminster Dog Show in 1878. Their popularity was bolstered by appearances in books and television, particularly “Lassie.” Both breeds are known for their intelligence and love for their family.

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Afollie Size

The Afollie is a medium to large sized dog that comes in a variety of colors contributed by both parent breeds. They’re most likely to favor color combinations of tan or black. With no breed standards as a crossbreed, they can come in any variety of color combinations. The breed’s coat can favor either parent but is guaranteed to be thick and need extensive grooming.

Afollie Personality

DogBreed share the Afollie is generally easy to train and well-behaved. However, ensuring good behavior comes along with a responsibility to properly exercise and stimulate this dog. The Afollie does best with a walk of at least 45-60 minutes daily along with other exercise opportunities. This breed excels in a home with a large backyard. 

Afollies are often good natured and strive to get along with everyone. However, the Collie has origins based in being a herding breed, and this can easily be passed down. Afollies may try to herd other dogs, smaller pets, or small children. If this behavior is displayed in inappropriate settings, consistent redirection is needed.

Afollie Health

The Afollie is known to be overall healthy — great news for anyone looking to bring one home. However, there are some known health issues associated with the breed.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Collie Eye Anomaly

Afollie Care

The Afollie craves interaction and can develop separation anxiety. They would likely be happy in a home where people are rarely absent. They also often enjoy the company of another canine companion. Walks shouldn’t be missed, as this breed will become anxious and possibly destructive with a lack of exercise. Additionally, enrollment in canine sports like agility can keep the Afollie happy and well-mannered.

Afollie Feeding

The Afollie should be fed a diet consistent with that of a large breed with high energy levels. Consider supplementing their diet with items that double as enrichment, like filler toys or bones, to keep your Afollie stimulated. Additionally, flaxseed or salmon oil can benefit the Afollie’s shiny coat. Because all dogs are unique in their diet requirements, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to determine the best food to feed your pup.

Afollie Coat Color And Grooming

The Afollie’s coat needs regular maintenance. Brushing should be done several times a week; baths should be performed at least once a month. Attention should be given to easy-to-overlook areas, like the dog’s underside, the fur between the toes, and behind the ears. For dog parents who are too busy for regular grooming, consideration should be given to routine dog grooming visits. As with all dog breeds, be sure to check on nail maintenance.

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Afollie Children And Other Pets

There are some factors to consider before adding the Afollie to your family. The Afollie is known to be a loyal family dog that can get along with almost everyone. They typically excel with kids and aren’t known to have issues with nipping when properly trained. However, their natural herding behaviors can become irritating and can accidentally lead to knocking over small children. Additionally, the Afghan Hound originated as a hunting dog, so there may be a stronger prey drive in some Afollies.

Afollie Rescue Groups

There are no breed-specific rescues for the Afollie, as they are a mixed breed. However, you can often find similar mixes up for adoption. Breed specific rescues for the Afghan Hound or Collie often rehome mixed breeds, so one of these may be a great option. Consider rescuing a similar fit, like an Australian Shepherd or Borzoi. Whatever the circumstances, try opening your home to a rescue pup.

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