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Poodle dog food provides the most beautiful and nutritious hair

Poodles are famous for being a distinct breed with a playful and mischievous attitude, making them the most popular foreign dog breed today. Small dogs with curly fur and quite agile are very loyal to their family, sociable and have quite adorable sulky psychology.

Although you may find this breed has many differences in size, in general their food is the same. Below are the types of Poodle dog food that you should definitely buy to help your pet have beautiful and healthy fur.

Characteristics of Poodle dog hair

Poodle dog hair is curly and soft
Poodle dog hair is curly and soft

Normally, Poodle dogs have a characteristic coat that is quite thick and dense. They do not shed hair often like other dog breeds, their fur is usually soft and slightly curly, creating a quite adorable appearance, like a cute cotton ball.

It is this soft, curly fur that makes it easy for their owners to style, and the colors are diverse so they can also be varied to get a pet that best suits their preferences.

Poodle dog food for beautiful fur

Many people wonder what Poodle eats to get beautiful fur? It’s quite simple. If you want beautiful-haired Poodle dogs, you can refer to the following:

  • It is necessary to balance a reasonable diet with nutritious foods.
  • Supplement Omega 3 from fish oil.
  • Care and clean fur regularly.
  • You can take care of your skin and nails regularly.
  • Finally, there are periodic professional health checks.

How much food does a Poodle dog need each day?

Dog food needs to depend on a variety of factors, one of which is the size and weight of your poodle. Besides, active and playful dogs always need more food than pets that just lie down.

And older dogs will, of course, need less food than they did when they were young, which is essential for you to determine the right amount of food. From there, he processes and stores food for his pets. So how much poodle is enough? The specific answer is given below.

  • For Toy Poodle: This is the smallest poodle. As small as they are, they only need about 300 calories a day, but if they’re less active, they just need 240 calories.
  • For Miniature Poodles: These are medium-sized Poodle breeds, but they are still considered small compared to other breeds. For a moderately active dog, the nutritional requirement is 490 calories per day, whereas if active, it can be up to 775 calories a day.
  • For the Standard Poodles: These are large-sized breeds of dogs, often raised abroad. For this breed, with moderate activity, a dog will need 1,230 calories a day, continuous activity can reach up to 2,000 calories per day.

Poodle dog food provides the most beautiful and nutritious hair

With the calorie information mentioned above, you can see that Poodle dogs are mostly different in size, but they still need food to stay alive and healthy.

Poodle dog food provides the most beautiful and nutritious hair
Poodle dog food provides the most beautiful and nutritious hair

In the world, Toy and Miniature will be the most bred. Below are selected Poodle dog foods that support beautiful, nutritious hair. Please refer to Dogsbreed:

Smartheart Dog Food


  • Smartheart dog food provides a wide range of substances ranging from protein, calcium, minerals to standard fats and moisture. It’s made from rice, catch powder, minerals, beef flavor, flavor of flaxseed, fish oil. That’s why it gives your pet an easy-to-eat flavor.
  • The product is really necessary if you want Poodle to gain weight, grow steadily.
  • The ratio of fish oil in each small grain will help your pet’s brain become more agile, more intelligent. Specifically with the fish oil component, flaxseed oil will make your Poodle’s fur gloss smooth, soft.
  • Processed in the form of soft particles, so you are not afraid to cause plaque in your pet.
  • The bowl taste is attractive, it stimulates the pet to eat better.

Type of dog:

Dog food SmartHeart Puppy Beef & Milk Flavor is suitable for small or growing poodles.

Sale price:

The price of dog food. SmartHeart Puppy Beef & Milk Flavor ranges from $5 to $9 per 1.5kg pack.

Organic food Zenith Origi-7


  • With up to 70% organic ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, legumes, fruits and seeds. The product does not use meat flour or industrial meat by-products. This is really suitable as a vegetable-eating training dog food.
  • Nuts are rich in protein and amino acids, so your pet has more muscles, joints and skin.
    Especially with the Omega 3 ingredients that make the fur glossy, the DHA in fish enhances the vision and brain development of agile pets.
  • In addition, in the composition of the product is combined with turmeric, honey, pineapple that supports the intestines, avoiding diarrhea.

Dog Type:

Suitable for all breeds from puppies to adult, old dogs.

Sale price:

The price of organic food Zenith Origi-7 ranges from $9 to $12 per 1.2kg pack.

Natural Core dog food

Natural Core dog food Poodle
Natural Core dog food Poodle


  • If your poodle has just switched to dry food, or if your pet has just gotten sick, and your stomach is still sensitive, this might be a great suggestion.
  • With a very attractive salmon flavor, it helps to recover quickly, gain weight and be rich in nutrients.
  • Prepared with a nutritional formula specifically for pets with sensitive stomachs or allergies to food, dog food Natural Core is especially good for the fur and skin of pets
  • Especially for dogs with heart problems and digestive problems, it’s safe to use this.
  • Natural Core salmon flavors can reduce body odor and waste odor. So you should try using it on your pet to see the positive change.

Dog Type:

Suitable for all breeds and all ages.

Sale price:

The price of Natural Core dog food will range from $10 to $15 per kilogram.

Dr.Kyan Predogen milk powder


  • For a variety of dog foods, you can add powdered milk as an extra meal for your pet.
  • Dr.Kyan Predogen milk contains high levels of nutrients such as calcium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D,…which is highly effective for the health of the pet.
  • In particular, the product also makes Poodle’s fur smoother, while the skeleton is stronger and more agile.
  • In addition, for those Poodles who are having digestive problems, it is recommended to use it because of its ability to function well, stimulating the appetite of pets quite well.

Dog Type:

The product can be used for all types of dogs from pregnant dogs to breastfeeding dogs, small dogs after birth, adult dogs.

Sale price:

The price of Dr.Kyan Predogen milk powder ranges from $8 to $9 per 400g box.

Red chicken eggs

If the above are nutritional products, then the dog foods below are specialized in the ability to make Poodle’s hair look good. The red chicken egg contains a lot of protein and collagen, which improves your pet’s fur very well.

Poodle dog food made from egg yolks helps keep hair smooth
Poodle dog food made from egg yolks helps keep hair smooth

However, chicken eggs are only for mature Poodle dogs, which have a healthy digestive system that can be fed raw or cooked to make their pets safer.

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With big poodles, you can occasionally feed them with fresh, raw beef. The beef contains a lot of ingredients that improve hair and skin, but it is recommended to feed the big poodle only raw meat, for small dogs you need to practice the pet to get used to it. How to cook poodle food should start with ripe meals and then live to get acquainted.

Beef also helps pets' hair become smoother and softer
Beef also helps pets’ hair become smoother and softer

A few things to be aware of when choosing food for Poodle

You can cook your own Poodle dog food, however, it is recommended to supplement with protein-rich foods, starch and vegetables. Poodles are very sensitive to packaged foods that contain additives.

It is recommended to change Poodle’s diet and diet slowly, not suddenly, as it can damage Poodles stomach and digestive system.

Prepare the Poodle’s drinking water, change the water three times a day.

Restricted to Poodle eating overdried food, salt food, sweet food, animal organs, hot food, high fat, etc.

You should train Poodle to eat and sleep on time.

Some foods that make Poodle’s hair softer and smoother: pork, chicken eggs, beef, salmon, Omega 3 fish oil…

Some foods that make a poodle fatter and slimmer: Food Supplement Rich in Calories, Rich in B-Vitamines (Aromas, Eggs, Liver), Rich in Protein Combined Regular Worm Cleansing for Poodle.

Here is a complete list of Poodle dog foods used and selected by many pet owners. Hopefully the article has brought you a lot of useful information about dog breeding, if you have any questions about pet food products and need advice, don’t hesitate to contact Dogsbreed.org.

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas expert in training and caring for pet dog breeds. Whether he spending quality time with her own furry companions or contributing to websites such as Dogsbreed.org and Animalpet.com, dedicated to our canine.

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