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How to choose dog toys when your dog has itchy teeth

One of the troubles that dog owners often encounter is dog biting furniture in the house. In fact, when the condition is severe, it’s highly likely that your dog is having itching teeth, and players can fix this by buying dog toys for their pets.

Dogsbreed.org share the article below help you learn more about the causes of your dog’s teeth itching and the criteria for choosing the most suitable toys for your dog.

Why do dogs get itchy teeth?

When you understand the causes of itching, you’ll be able to figure out how to deal with it most effectively.

Dog Toys when their teeth are itchy
Dog Toys when their teeth are itchy

Here are some typical causes of itchy teeth in pets:

First, your puppy is between three and seven months old, because this is the time the pups grow teeth, so they will get itchy and like to bite things.

Second, your dog is trying to attract attention to you and your family, especially those dogs that are always kept indoors, less likely to walk outside. Dogs are dynamic animals, they like to move, so having to stay in the house for long periods of time can cause dogs to get annoyed, bored.

The ultimate reason is that your dog is deficient in calcium and has itching teeth. This is a fairly common cause, and dog owners need to pay attention to this because there are a lot of dangerous diseases that come from dogs with severe calcium deficiency.

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What are the criteria for choosing for dog toys with itching?

First, choose toys that fit your dog’s age and mouth. Specifically, choose toys that are not too big for a puppy because they are hard to bite and should not be too small compared to the size of the pet’s mouth because the dog can swallow it right.

Next, you should choose toys for dogs of clear origin, which are genuine, especially toys to keep your dog tooth to ensure the safety and health of your puppy.

Another important criterion is that you pay attention to the material of dog toys and prefer to choose toys that are plastic, silicon. Excessive toys will cause dogs to bleed their teeth.

5 suitable dog toys for dogs with itching teeth

Dog Toys Balls

Toy balls are suitable toys for both puppies and big dogs. Dogs are very easily attracted to round balls with spines, and at the same time, spines will help reduce the teeth itching when you chew them.

Dog Toys Balls
Dog Toys Balls

Animals toys for dogs

This is really a great toy for dogs with itchy teeth thanks to the soft fabric that suits dogs to chew. However, because of the fabric, the cotton animals are very vulnerable to dirt, so the farmers should pay attention and clean the animals regularly.

Rubber toys with straps

This is a dog shop toy that not only helps your puppy relieve itching, but also helps your dog train the jaw muscles.

Chicken-shaped toys, chicken

Chicken-shaped toys, chicken
Chicken-shaped toys, chicken

The special thing about chicken thigh and chicken toys is that they make squeaking sounds that attract your dog’s attention. Thanks to that special feature, this dog toy can help your dog reduce stress and increase mobility.

Dog toys bones

Dog toy bones
Dog toy bones

With a bone-shaped design and silicon material, the bone toy is one of the dog toys that many dog ​​owners choose when their dogs have itchy teeth.

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas expert in training and caring for pet dog breeds. Whether he spending quality time with her own furry companions or contributing to websites such as Dogsbreed.org and Animalpet.com, dedicated to our canine.

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