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How to name a Poodle dog that is unique, adorable and super cool

There are many ways to give a name to a puppy, a name that is not just a name, but also an expression of the love and respect of the owner for his pet. Poodle dog is a smart and adorable breed of dogs, how do you name a nice, strange and equally adorable poodle?

Introduction to the Poodle dog breed

The Poodle is a well-known breed and has been loved by many Vietnamese as a pet in recent years. With a small, cute appearance, a dynamic, intelligent personality, Poodle is raised in many households, mainly to make scenes and be friends.

The adorable Poodle is a pet dog breed loved by many families
The adorable Poodle is a pet dog breed loved by many families

Poodle dogs also have a lot of lines such as Tiny Poodles, Teacup Poods, Mini Poods and Standard Poods. Their hair colors are so varied, like red brown, black, cream, chocolate…

Based on Poodle’s appearance and personality, we can also create a lot of names that fit their characteristics. Common names for Poodle are:

  • Name by Appearance.
  • Name by character.
  • Name by hair color.
  • Name by dish.
  • Name by theme: music, comic books, idols, favorite games,…
  • Name by Favourite Style.

Naming ideas for the weird, cute Poodle dog

Nowadays, Poodle dogs is almost the top choice for those who want to have a dog to be friends. With his interesting personality, his outstanding appearance, the ideas for naming Poodle are endless. Here are some ideas for naming Poodles that the Sen can consider for their pets.

Name Poodle after your favorite dish

Favorite food here can be dog food or pet food, depending on the taste and sweetness of the food. It’s both lovely to have a dog with food, but it also implies the desire for a pet to eat fast, grow big and stay healthy.

It’s not new to name dogs after food. Some of the names are sweet, sweet and suitable for the poodle, such as Chicken Chain, Milk Tea, Cake, Ice Cream, Baked Meat, Fish, Turkey, Chicken Beet, etc.

Name Poodle dog by fruit

If you named her Poodle dogs in English, taking the idea from the fruit is not a bad choice. You can name dogs by their favorite fruit, or by what kind of fruit they look like, you can call them. The iconic name will give your puppy a lovely and unique look.

Fruit ideas are suitable for adorable Poodle dogs
Fruit ideas are suitable for adorable Poodle dogs

If your Poodle dog looks fat and round, you can use names like Mite, Butter, Cucumber, or dogs with long bodies, you’ll use the names Banana, Cabbage, Crab, and so on. Some names from other lovely fruits like strawberries, butter, peppermint, etc.

Name the Poodle after the dog’s appearance

The easiest way is to name them by Poodle’s appearance. Poodle dog has many lovely features, you can choose one of the most outstanding features to call. When named by appearance, the name will be iconic associated with the pet that gives it a unique, adorable look.

This way of naming also brings a sense of closeness, memorability and creates an affinity between the pet and the owner in the house. Some of the names for Poodle dogs look beautifully, such as Butt, Cock, Pumpkin, Fat, Dwarf, Butt…

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Name the Poodle according to the dog’s personality

For some male puppies with strong personalities, using a name by character is an interesting and intimate way of naming a male Poodle dog. Usually you can give a name to your child’s personality, or a name with an opposite personality to give it a lovely contrast.

Some of the dog name for Poodle by personality, such as Dwarf, Dirty, Damn, Dumb, Fat, Dusty, Dick,….

Name Poodle by Color

Poodle’s hair is very varied. Therefore, if your Poodle has a characteristic rare fur, you can use that color to name your puppy.

Poodle has a very diverse coat color
Poodle has a very diverse coat color

This method is used to set poodles with a hair colour of the whole body or a large part of the body like gold, ink, black, brown, earth, etc. Besides, if their hair colour is not uniform, they can also use a number of names such as Vang, Mock, Zhang, etc.

Name Poodle after another animal

Using the name of another animal to name your pet is a unique idea, and it’s fun and funny every time you name it. The most common name that many people use to call their pets is Pig, Cat,…. However, you can also call by other kinds like Tiger, Leopard, Papaya, Capricorn, Cockroach, Chicken, Peach,….

Some interesting English names to name Poodle dogs

Pure Vietnamese names generally create intimacy, easy to call for every member of the family. However, with its elegant appearance, an imported breed of dogs, you can also choose for your Uncle Poodle an interesting English name like:

  • If you named a male poodle in English, you could use names like Maxwell, Rirus, Elvis, Barney, Rocky, Charlie, Jack, Toby, Cody, Bosco, Blue, Max…
  • If you give a name to the Poodle dog in English, you can use some names like: Sophie, Lola, Abby, Ginger, Coco, Lily, Emma, Lady, Pepper, Precious, Cookie, Penny,Precious,….

A few notes when naming Poodle

Since the name is what we’re going to have to call every day when we have a pet, the dog is also a member of the family, so when naming it, there are a few things to bear in mind to avoid trouble using it.

Some notes when naming a Poodle
Some notes when naming a Poodle
  • Absolutely not using a person’s name, especially a family member, to name Poodle dog. This is a dark thing no matter how dear you are and how expensive that dog is. Using a person’s name for a pet is disrespectful and can cause a lot of confusion later on.
  • Prefer to use short names from one to two acronyms, not too long names for Poodle. Short surnames will make it easier to call, especially more convenient in training dogs. Short names also make it easier for Poodle to remember and recognize.
  • Don’t put the same name as any acquaintance or other pet nearby. Choosing a bad, strange name not only makes your puppy more interesting, but also makes it easier to distinguish between the owner and the dog. Too common names should be restricted.

Once you have chosen a good name, the next thing is to get your puppy familiar with that name. Poodles are a smart breed of dogs, they have good memory, so just a few exercises, they can remember their names easily.

However, after giving a name to a pet dog, you should also note a number of things in the way it is called, such as:

  • Do not change names frequently after naming. Although the Poodle is a breeding dog, the confusing calling will make it vulnerable to disorder and disobedience.
  • Don’t change the name after the dog’s grown up. If you want to change the name, you should only do it when Poodle was a kid. After adulthood, dogs are familiar with the old name, sudden change will make them unfamiliar and may not obey when called.
  • Choose only short names with words of one or two vocals that are easy to call and easy to hear. Avoid choosing names with complicated pronunciation because it will make your pet confused when hears.

Above are some interesting and unique Poodle dog naming ideas that DogBreed wants to suggest to you. Because Poodle, when raised, will become a family member, a lovely companion, so choose a name that’s as beautiful, as sweet as your own dog!

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas expert in training and caring for pet dog breeds. Whether he spending quality time with her own furry companions or contributing to websites such as Dogsbreed.org and Animalpet.com, dedicated to our canine.

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