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Top Dog Names Inspired by Scream VI

“Scream VI” is topping the domestic box office right now, The sequel to 2022’s “Scream” and the sixth movie in the “Scream” franchise, it was released in theaters on Mar. 10, and has grossed over $80 million worldwide in just a week.

And with so many big names and an array of characters, could it help you find some inspiration when it comes to naming your pup?

Dog Names Inspired by “Scream VI”

  • Sam – Melissa Barrera reprises her role as Sam, a survivor from last year’s “Scream”. And, Sam is a classic unisex name that suits both dogs and their humans. As a male name, often a diminutive of Samuel, it’s of Hebrew origin – Samuel is a prophet in the Old Testament, while the female name Samantha is of Hebrew origin too.
  • Mindy – Another character also appearing in “Scream”, her name comes from the Greek word “mellitus”, which means “sweetened with honey”. It was originally a nickname for Melinda before becoming a name in its own right. 
  • Jasmin – Mindy is played by Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Jasmin also makes a great name for dogs. Jasmin, or Jasmine, has Persian origin, and translates to “gift from God”, which accurately represents how many dog owners feel about their canine friends!
  • Anika – This name appears in many languages and cultures. In Sanskrit, it means graceful and brilliant, while in Sweden it started as a nickname for Anna, and means graceful and merciful. Among the Hausa people of West Africa, it means “sweetness of face”.
  • Kirby – Hayden Panettiere reprises her role as Kirby from 2011’s “Scream 4”. As a first name, Kirby is of Arabic origin and means “waterskin”. However, it’s more recognizable as a last name in the West, and has its origins in Northeast England. 
  • Ethan – Ethan is of Hebrew origin, and means strong, enduring, and firm. It’s probably derived from Eitan, who’s mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. 
  • Ghostface – This might be a more unconventional name choice, but as the main villain of the “Scream” series, it would be amiss not to mention him here. If you want a name that stands out from the crowd, it could be worth a consideration.
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas expert in training and caring for pet dog breeds. Whether he spending quality time with her own furry companions or contributing to websites such as Dogsbreed.org and Animalpet.com, dedicated to our canine.

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