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Top Dog Names Inspired by “Succession”

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The hit HBO series “Succession” features a cast of complex and dynamic characters that are simultaneously hilarious and detestable. The show, which follows a family’s brutal attempts to screw one another over to gain control over a media conglomerate, has gained a massive following.

Now in its , “Succession” continues to intrigue viewers with its intricate storyline, witty dialogue, and . From the ruthless patriarch Logan Roy (RIP) to the ambitious but sensitive Kendall to the raunchy runt Roman, there’s no shortage of strong personalities here.

However, one overlooked aspect of this award-winning show is the abundance of unique names. Once you delve deeper into them, you’ll see that the show writers likely did their research before naming these characters. What’s more, many of the characters’ names make excellent monikers for four-legged friends, too. Here are the top dog names inspired by “Succession.”


Logan is a strapping name for a dominant dog that’s a natural leader. A Scottish surname that originated from the Gaelic word “lagan” or “lag,” it means “hollow” or “low-lying land.” (Like the gutter that is ATN.)


Kendall is ideal for a dog with a drive to succeed, but who also likes to cuddle when feeling down. A gender-neutral moniker, this English surname means “valley of the River Kent.”


Shiv is short for Siobhan and fits a quick and cunning dog, especially one with reddish fur. Though Siobhan is a popular Irish name, its meaning is murky. Some believe it means “God is gracious.” Others say it means “Fairy woman.” And yet others claim it’s the Gaelic version of Joan. Regardless of what the name means, we can all agree it’s both feminine and powerful.


Roman suits playful, mischievous dogs that can’t stop humping everything they encounter. Of Latin origins, this name means “citizen of Rome.”


Connor would best fit an active and adventurous dog who knows you need them more than they need you. This Irish name means “lover of hounds” or “wolf lover.” It is derived from the Irish-Gaelic name Conchobhar, which was the moniker of many real and mythological figures in Irish history.


Tom is the perfect name for a loyal, dependable dog who’s always by your side. (Though truth be told, this character’s dog already has a pretty unique name: .) Short for Thomas, which comes from the Aramaic word “t’om’a,” meaning “twin,” it was a popular name among early Christians, likely due to its association with the apostle Thomas.


The name Greg works well for a canine who’s an underdog but always manages to come out on top. Hailing from the Latin Gregorius, meaning “vigilant” or “watchful,” several important Christian saints and popes made this name prestigious.


Gerri is ideal for a confident, in-control dog who can play to their audience without sacrificing their own agenda. It is a nickname for Geraldine, a German name and the female form of Gerard, which means “ruler with a spear.”


Jess is the ideal name for a serious, non-nonsense, and dependable dog. It’s a diminutive form of the English name Jessica, which means “God beholds.”


Kerri fits a sleek, striking dog who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to go after it. This gender-neutral name of Irish origin evokes darkness and mystery. Likely hailing from Munster, Ireland, it references the Gaelic phrase “Ciar,” which means “dark” or “black.”


Karolina would fit a strong-willed, hardworking dog who doesn’t call attention to themself. Of Slavic origin, this name is the female version of Karl. As such, it means “warrior” or “manly.”


Willa would best apply to a shy, diminutive dog who aims to please their owner. It comes from the German name Wilhelmina and means “resolute protector.”


If your dog is friendly, loyal, and follows commands dutifully, Frank might be the right name for them. Originating in Germany, this name means “free man” (which this character is not).


An aloof pup that makes you laugh at their innocent mistakes deserves a moniker like Hugo. This German name means “mind,” ironic given that the character doesn’t seem to use his much.


Marsha fits a dog that’s elegant and mysterious. It is a variant spelling of Marcia and the feminine form of the ancient Roman name Marcus. Marcus comes from the Roman god Mars, also known as the god of war. Thus, Marcus (and, by association, Marsha) means “warlike.”


Caroline works well for a dog that’s strong-willed and independent. A feminine form of Carolus, which means “free man,” Caroline’s meaning is “free woman.”

Try one of these top dog names inspired by “Succession”

As you can see, “Succession” is a goldmine for creative and clever names for your furry friend. And we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this ensemble cast of characters. Whether you’re looking for an assertive or silly name, a character on this show could inspire the perfect name for your pup. So why not pay homage to one of the greatest TV shows of our time by naming your dog after one of its inimitable characters?

If the top dog names inspired by “Succession” don’t quite fit your pup, fret not. We have tons of other fun dog names inspired and !

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
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