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14 Arrests Made This Week Associated With Dog Fighting Event

Authorities earlier this week arrested and charged 14 men from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama in connection with a large-scale that took place two years ago.

In April 2022, the suspects converged at a Georgia property for a series of dog fighting matches. Law enforcement rescued 27 dogs that day, along with an additional 51 canines this week in connection with other arrests.

Men from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama arrested for 2022 dog fighting event participation

According to , law enforcement disrupted the dog fighting event and discovered multiple dogs kept inside crates in cars parked on the property. In a press release, the stated the suspects used their vehicles to hold dogs who had already fought, as well as those awaiting their turn.

Investigation into the case is ongoing. If convicted, each suspect will face a maximum five-year prison sentence. Additionally, they’ll each face a $250,000 fine for every count of animal fighting charges.

Under federal law, it’s illegal to fight dogs or participate as a spectator in a . Moreover, the law prohibits the training, transporting, selling, purchasing, delivering, or keeping of dogs for dog fighting purposes.

President Wayne Pacelle commended authorities for the arrests made this week. , he shared: “We applaud the law enforcement officers who disrupted this criminal dogfighting ring. State and federal agencies are increasingly treating dogfighting crimes with the seriousness they deserve.”

Currently, Animal Wellness Action is campaigning for the implementation of the FIGHT Act, short for the Fighting Inhumane Gambling and High-Risk Trafficking Act. This proposed bill seeks to strengthen the protection of animal welfare.

“Dog Fighting and cockfighting are rampant across the nation, and we need even more resources and resolve to halt this barbarism against animals,” Mr. Pacelle stated. “The FIGHT Act is immensely important if we are determined to eradicate staged animal fighting in our nation.”

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
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