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Dog Jumps Over 36 Feet in San Diego Dock Diving Competition

A world record-breaking dog named Sounders competed in a San Diego dock diving competition over the weekend. The pup wowed the crowd with his jumping abilities.

Record-breaking dog wows spectators at dock diving competition

According to CBS 8, an 8-year-old Whippet named Sounders traveled all the way from Washington state with his dog mom, Laurel Behke, to participate in the competition.

Last fall, Sounders did a 9-foot vertical jump, setting a new record. This year, he went above and beyond in the dock diving competition.

“There’s never been a dog in the world that has jumped farther or higher than him,” Behke told the news outlet. “He jumped 36 feet 11 inches.”

Sounders’ performance clearly pleased his proud dog mom.

“I love this dog lot, a lot. He’s my buddy. He goes everywhere with me,” she said. “I have 9 Whippets and they are special. We’ve gotten very close and we are together all the time. He is very special and a very sweet dog.”

Next up for Sounders? The Incredible Dog Challenge, hosted by Purina, in October.

Dogs dive into competition

There were over 100 other canines also trying to win top dog at the North America Dog Diving Event at the Valley Center Dog Dock.

“It’s a lot of fun. A lot of people enjoy watching the dogs fly through the air and get wet,” Pam Sheets, dog trainer/owner of Wild Dogs Sports Training, told CBS 8 of the event.

What makes a dog good at dock diving? Driving.

“They need to want to get that toy no matter what,” Sheets said.

Luckily for Sounders, he has that drive in droves.

“He is one in the million Whippets that has the drive and will do anything to get that toy,” Sheets said of Sounders.

Among the spectators were children, who delighted in Sounders’ performance for different reasons.

“I want to get splashed!” 6-year-old Draven told CBS 8.

“When the dogs hit the water really loud and it splashes all over you, it’s the best,” 9-year-old Bradley concurred.

For adult dog lovers, dock diving is a sport that both canines and their human companions can enjoy.

“Find out how to have the most fun with your dog and this is it,” said Sarah Leatherman, owner of Valley Center Dog Dock.

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
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