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Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Adopts Rescue Puppy

Ellen Pompeo recently adopted a paws-itively adorable rescue puppy named Tom. Pompeo, who stars as Dr. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy — a steamy medical drama now in its 19th season — is leaving the cast (at least as a series regular) but is happy to pursue a new role as her rescue pup’s dog mom.

Pompeo’s New Rescue Dog

Pompeo chose to rescue her new pooch from MaeDay Rescue in Los Angeles, California. The Rescue posted the happy news to their Instagram account earlier this week. In the first photo of the post, there’s a smiling Ellen Pompeo relaxing in a wicker chair on a veranda as she gazes down lovingly at the small, brown rescue pup in her lap. We can’t be sure of the dog’s breed, but the rescue speculated that he is likely a chihuahua and poodle mix from what they know about the litter mates. From where we’re sitting, Tom sure looks like he might also have some mountain feist in him. Whatever the case, we’re certain his new mom has fallen head over heels for him.

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A post shared by Maeday Rescue (Los Angeles) (@maedayrescue)

The caption reads, “Tom has been adopted thanks to @ellenpompeo. He now has an amazing family, dog brothers and sisters and so much love.”

The post continues: “Tom was born in the desert to a dog that a family found on the streets and didn’t realize was pregnant. The family reached out to Maeday when the litter was 2 months old and he is the first to be adopted from the litter. Thanks to his foster mom for jumping in for three puppies and to his original fosters who kept him with the mom for 8 weeks.”

Ellen Pompeo’s love of rescue dogs

MaeDay got it right when they wrote Tom “is a very lucky boy!” He is very lucky, indeed. Pompeo is a known animal lover. Her beloved toy poodles GiGi and Valentino have been regular features of the star’s social media. She was devastated when 16-year-old Valentino died in early 2021, and again when Gigi died exactly a year later in February of 2022.

According to the star’s own Instagram, Pompeo is also a dog mom to at least two other rescue pups: another toy poodle, named Sophia, and a chihuahua mix, named Lily. Her newest pooch, Tom, will also enjoy the companionship of Pompeo’s husband, noted record producer Chris Ivery, and the couple’s three children.

MaeDay’s Instagram post also included a video from Ellen Pompeo of her new pup and her other dogs enjoying a day on the beach. In it, Tom is frolicking with his new dog siblings and even tries to nibble on some seaweed. To which Pompeo sweetly says, “Don’t eat the seaweed. Yucky!” He is pouncing on his mom and running around full of boundless puppy energy, appearing completely at ease in his new surroundings. Pompeo engages in the type of lighthearted banter with her new dog child in a way that can’t help but to bring a smile to your face. It’s clear “Tommy” — as she affectionately calls her new pooch — is, indeed, right at home.

Adopt don’t shop…except for new dog supplies

If you’re hoping to change the life of a rescue pup like Ellen Pompeo has, there are great organizations near you looking for foster and adoptive dog parents. Before you begin your search, be sure to check out our guide to find the right animal shelter.

Be prepared to bring home your new pooch by creating the perfect environment for them to thrive in. Ensure you have all the supplies necessary to keep your dog happy and healthy. This isn’t an exhaustive list but early purchases should include: high-quality food, flea and tick preventatives, and worming treatments. It’s also advisable to buy bedding, food and water bowls, toys, and a reliable harness. A quality leash, along with a collar that has up-to-date ID tags, is absolutely essential. And it’s always a good idea to have your furry-friend microchipped.

Another important part of dog ownership is researching and make a plan regarding your dog’s veterinary and dental care. The same is true for determining their grooming routine. Different breeds have different needs, from nail trimming to exercise. We also recommended thoroughly checking out any dog walking or pet sitting services you may need to employ.

“So pick me, choose me, love me”

Once you’ve decided on adopting, imagine the moment a rescue dog looks up at you with their big puppy eyes. You can’t help but to relate to the sentiment of Meredith Grey’s iconic, “So pick me, choose me, love me” line as you embrace your new four-legged friend.

Dogtime share Ellen Pompeo, much like her character on tv, understands our need to love and be loved. She also knows, like we do, that dogs become members of our families. They deserve the best lives we can give them, always.

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas expert in training and caring for pet dog breeds. Whether he spending quality time with her own furry companions or contributing to websites such as Dogsbreed.org and Animalpet.com, dedicated to our canine.

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