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UFC’s Mark Coleman Risked Life Trying To Save Dog From Fire

UFC’s Mark Coleman Risked Life Trying To Save Dog From Fire

In the aftermath of the devastating blaze that destroyed his home, UFC legend Mark Coleman’s courageous deeds are being revealed. Sadly, the fire resulted in severe injuries to Coleman, and claimed the life of his beloved family dog, Hammer. Coleman is currently hospitalized in Ohio, battling for his life due to injuries sustained in the fire.

Mark Coleman risked his life to save Hammer from house fire

After the devastating fire that engulfed his home, news about Mark Coleman’s courageous deeds is circulating. The UFC legend has sustained critical injuries and is currently in the hospital. As per , Coleman tried to save the family pet, Hammer, and risked his own life in doing so. However, the .

According to his daughter, Morgan, the 59-year-old Coleman was visiting his parents at his childhood home. The family dog, a called Hammer, awakened Coleman as the fire spread through the house.

Subsequently, Mark quickly sprang into action, escorting his parents to safety without harm. Despite the danger, Coleman bravely rushed back into the burning house to rescue his dog, putting his own life at risk.

Unfortunately, despite Coleman’s efforts, . In addition, the entire home burned down.

Morgan has confirmed that he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. There, he is currently receiving continuous around-the-clock treatment.

Family mourns the loss of beloved dog Hammer

Coleman’s daughter Kenzie took to to mourn the loss of Hammer, reflecting on the bond she shared with the dog.

Moreover, Wes Sims, Coleman’s friend, offered a medical update late last night, stating that Mark showed signs of movement at the hospital. Nevertheless, while Coleman has regained consciousness, there is no doubt that he faces a challenging journey to recovery, which will come with significant expenses.

Therefore, Morgan initiated a on Wednesday, Mar. 13, to cover her dad’s care expenses, setting a target of $100,000. Given the rapid response surpassing this goal shouldn’t be an issue. Within a couple of days, more than two thousand donations have poured in. Additionally, they are almost close to their goal, as the donation amount is currently $90,464.

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