Privacy Policy

Have you ever wondered how your personal information is used? Dog Breed will answer your questions with the following detailed and easy-to-understand privacy policy.

Dogs Breed wants to create a safe and trustworthy online environment for customers to freely share their passion for pets. Our transparent privacy policy demonstrates our commitment to protecting member privacy.

The privacy policy regulates the type of information collected

The types of information that we collect and use according to the privacy policy include:

Information that Dog Breeds users share themselves

Dog Breeds collects the information you provide when you register an account, create a profile for your pet… This information may include:

  • Registration data: When you create an account, we collect personal information such as name, email, address, phone number, profile picture.
  • Pet information: Dog Breed collects information about your pet such as name, breed, age, gender, special care needs.
  • Contact information: When you contact us, the website may collect your contact information such as name, email, phone number, message content.

Information automatically collected

When customers visit the Site, we automatically collect information about their devices and browsing activities. Specifically:

  • Device data: IP address, browser type, operating system.
  • Browsing activity: According to the privacy policy, Dog Breed can capture information about access times and websites you visit before and after visiting our website.

Cookies or corresponding technologies

We use cookies to track your activity on the website and remember user preferences. Users can completely disable the cookies available in their browser, but this is likely to affect the functionality of the website.

How to use customer personal data according to the provisions of the privacy policy

At Dog Breeds, we are committed to protecting your privacy and using your information responsibly. Here is how we use your information according to our privacy policy:

Provide specialized services

Your information is used to create a pet profile, connect you with a community of dog owners, and provide detailed information about dog breeds, helping you care for and raise your pet effectively.

Enhance your personal experience

Based on the information you provide, Dogs Breed personalizes the content displayed on the website, recommends suitable products and services, optimizes your experience, and helps you discover the most useful things.

Efficiently communicate

We use information to communicate with you about account, site or service related issues, ensuring customers are kept up to date and aware of important information.

Smart marketing

With your consent, we will send information about the company’s and partners’ products and services, helping customers access appropriate options and bring practical value to themselves.

How Dogs Breed shares information according to its privacy policy

The information below is the subjects with which Dog Breed shares customer information:

Service Provider

We partner with reputable service providers to support Dogsbreed operations, including web hosting and email. Sharing information with these providers is done with the aim of providing the best service to everyone.


Dog Breed can work with partners to bring you products and services that suit your needs. Information sharing in this case is done carefully and selectively, based on your consent.

Legal requirements

Dog Breed will comply with lawful requests from authorities when necessary. Information disclosure only takes place when there is a clear legal basis and compliance with valid procedures.

Information security solutions

Dogsbreed¬†applies advanced technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of customers’ personal data. Security measures include:

  • Data encryption: Member data is encrypted to ensure safety during transmission and storage.
  • Access restrictions: Only authorized personnel have access to your information.
  • Monitoring and testing: Dog Breed’s security system is continuously monitored and tested to ensure effectiveness.

User rights

You have the right to access, modify or delete your own personal information. Users also have the full right to object to the processing of their information and to request that we restrict processing or use.

Important note’s privacy policy may change from time to time. Brands will notify customers of any changes by posting an updated version of the Policy on the Official Dashboard.


Let accompany you on your exciting journey to explore the world of pets. With a transparent and advanced security policy as presented in this article, we hope that members will have absolute peace of mind when using our web platform.