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FunnyFuzzy’s Dog Car Seat is a Sophisticated Game Changer for Pet Travel Safety

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a dog car seat, don’t be. For many of us, it may feel like a splurge, but can we really put a price on the comfort and safety of our fuzzy friends? Frankly, I wish I had invested in one sooner. After just a few weeks with the FunnyFuzzy Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed, I’m a proud canine car seat crusader.

FunnyFuzzy Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed, in pink waterproof fabric.
FunnyFuzzy Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed, in pink waterproof fabric.

Full disclosure: I’m a work-from-home dog mom. And, like any loving pet parent, I would do anything to spend more time with my dogs. In my case, that included pursuing a career that would allow me to do just that.

My two pups are senior rescues. We’re not exactly sure of their ages, but both Washington and Goldie Hawn are incredibly resilient, very snuggly — in their own ways — and full of spirit and heart. One is a miniature Schnoodle; the other is a petite Terrier mix with the coloration of a Golden Retriever. Both are under 20 pounds. Most excitedly for me, they are just as happy to spend time with me as I am with them. Given that, I like to put them in the car and go on adventures together. However, I’m always worried they are in danger or uncomfortable during the journey.

How FunnyFuzzy products are different from — and better than — other dog car seat travel options on the market

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried various means of transporting my canines.

At first, I tried attaching a collar to a leash with a seatbelt built-in, but I quickly changed tack when I learned of the associated safety shortfalls of that method. Next, I purchased good-fitting harnesses for the pups and dog car seatbelts. The two would ride in the backseat, usually lying on some blankets, but that only protects your car seats to a certain degree and offers little in terms of comfort. So, I then upgraded to one of those washable seat covers. It draped over the back headrests, as well as the front ones, creating what looks like a hammock. While I was able to store things on the floormats below the overhanging fabric, the product’s design took up a lot of room, rendered most of my back seat area unusable for fellow human passengers, and was a bit unsightly.

I always thought it’d be nice not to have to choose who gets to be more comfortable and safe while also being high-quality and functional. Thankfully, FunnyFuzzy has solved this dilemma.

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FunnyFuzzy products prioritize comfort, design quality, and dog safety

Thanks to FunnyFuzzy’s prioritization of comfort and design quality, my pups are now riding in luxe accommodations — all while giving me crucial peace of mind in regard to their safety.

Functionally, the Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed only takes up two of my back seats, leaving room for a happy passenger. Moreover, it can also safely go in the cargo area and attach to the back headrests if you have an SUV or hatchback. While I prefer to see my little ones when traveling together, it’s still a great feature for large families who need an “all-aboard” option. And, as a plus for you, most of the behind-the-seat and floor space in the foot area remains open and usable with this design, too.

Even better, this dog car seat doubles as a dog bed, providing mobile comfort to furry friends on long road trips or even just at home. I witnessed the magic of this firsthand after leaving the FunnyFuzzy dog car seat out for a few days in my home. My dogs began choosing it for a snooze over their dog beds!

Moreover, the design gives your dog a 360-degree unobstructed view, allowing them to enjoy the journey with you. The open design concept permits air to circulate and keeps your pups from getting too hot or cold, as airflow can actually reach them. This is especially true if your vehicle, like mine, only has front air vents.

Favorite and notable features of the FunnyFuzzy dog car seat that you’ll love

There are a lot of design and product features to put in the pro column with FunnyFuzzy’s Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed. Here are a few favs:

FunnyFuzzy Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed in Waterproof Pro-Charcoal grey.
FunnyFuzzy Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed in Waterproof Pro-Charcoal Grey.

Easy Care: Waterproof Design

Most notably, the waterproof aspect of this dog car seat is my favorite feature. This is ideal when you adopt senior or rescue dogs. Accidents can happen with any pup, but their likelihood and frequency often increase as our pets age or are undergoing training. Therefore, the removable, machine-washable cover is a win in my book.

Safety First: Multiple Harnesses

There are three harnesses, making this choice great if you have multiple dogs. The adjustable clips easily fasten to a dog’s leash or harness. Moreover, this feature ensures the car seat will mitigate or prevent injury if I slam on the brakes or end up in an accident. In the latter case, it also means my dogs won’t flee the vehicle at the scene — potentially getting lost or putting them at risk of being run over.

The design also features a non-skid bottom grip fabric, preventing the car seat from moving around during transit. What’s more, there are multiple ways to fasten the dog car seat bed to my back seat. I can use the straps to secure the bed around both back headrests or seat belt the bed into the backseat.

Size and Weight

The car seat works for medium or large dogs. It comes in Standard and X-large sizes, and my two small pups have plenty of room to sprawl comfortably (and adorably) in the smaller option. Also, the weight is beautifully balanced; it’s a quality product that feels heavy-duty but it’s virtually weightless. This makes transporting it from your home to your car or between vehicles easy. If you have mobility or accessibility issues, this is a standout benefit of the design.

Overall Design Quality

FunnyFuzzy knows all dogs are different, as are all pet lovers. The product comes in a variety of fun color options, including my favorite — olive green — as well as light green, pink, blue, grey, charcoal, yellow, brown, and velvet brown.

It’s offered in either a plush, standard viscose fiber, or a waterproof Oxford fabric. Either way, the fabric appears durable and high quality. The leather logo patch even adds a chic detail. As a fun feature, the design also features a side pocket. I found this convenient for storing my dogs’ leashes while they were hooked into the harness straps.

It was also pretty easy to assemble the car seat bed. However, I wish the individual pillow inserts were labeled to better differentiate between the side/arm pillows and the ones for the back. Minus that minor frustration and a desire for the bottom padded pillow to be a bit thicker, I still rate the overall design positively.

Should you splurge on FunnyFuzzy’s dog car seat bed?

Goldie Hawn sitting in the FunnyFuzzy dog car seat.
The FunnyFuzzy dog car seat is Goldie Hawn-approved!

The simple answer here is yes. You absolutely should invest in your dog’s comfort and safety if they regularly ride in the car. While the price point may seem like a splurge for this option, coming in anywhere from $298 to just under $400 — depending on the option and size you need — it appears FunnyFuzzy regularly runs promotions on their site. Even without a sale sticker, though, the FunnyFuzzy Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed is an investment that’s worth making. And your pets, like mine, will be happy you did.

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Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas expert in training and caring for pet dog breeds. Whether he spending quality time with her own furry companions or contributing to websites such as Dogsbreed.org and Animalpet.com, dedicated to our canine.

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