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Recruiter Pulls Viral Ad for Live-in Dog Nanny After Receiving 2K Applications

How much is quality pet care worth to you? For one British billionaire family, quite a lot. They took out an ad for a dog nanny with a salary equivalent to $127,000. It went viral and netted an unbelievable 2,000 applications in response. The interest was so overwhelming that the recruiter had to remove the job posting.

London family seeks dog nanny

Though the original posting is no longer online, Insider claims it got a peek at it. A bougie recruitment agency called Fairfax and Kensington, which specializes in placing private staff, posted the job. The ad described a full-time, live-in dog nanny position with a family in the prestigious Kensington district of London.

“Our returning client is seeking an exceptional and highly experienced Dog Nanny to provide top-tier care for their two beloved dogs,” George Ralph Dunn, the recruiter behind the ad, posted on Linkedin. “They are truly looking for someone at the top of their field who can ensure the overall well-being, happiness, and safety of their dogs.”

Job posting goes viral

Before you start polishing your resume, note that there were some drawbacks to the gig. It was apparently “quite demanding” and included “irregular hours,” according to Insider.

The nanny in question would be responsible for providing “unparalleled care and attention to the dogs, treating them as valued members of the family,” according to the New York Post. What’s more, the canine caregiver would be expected to coordinate and attend vet appointments, checkups, and vaccinations for the pampered pups. Additionally, the nanny would be in charge of a “personalized exercise regime” for the pets as well as domestic and international travel.

“The clients are billionaires looking for best-in-class service, so when it comes to their dogs, they’re happy to pay,” Dunn told Kennedy News, according to the Post. “When money is no object, people want the best, and you attract the best with the best salary.”

While the position did include six weeks of time off per year, Dunn warned it wasn’t guaranteed.

“If they want to go to Monaco tomorrow, you’d be on a private jet flying with those dogs,” he said. “You really do need to drop everything and be there when they call and leave your private life on the back burner.”

As soon as this job posting reached TikTok, the story went viral.

The excessive attention meant that the agency pulled the listing. Dunn is still hoping to hire someone by the end of the month. Whomever that lucky person is, they’ll get to see how the other half lives and spend quality time with a couple of fur babies. Sounds like a dream job to us!

If you missed your chance to work in the lap of luxury, oh, well. There’s always Wag and Rover for aspiring dog-sitting entrepreneurs!

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Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
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