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Find out information about the Appenzeller Sennenhunde hunting dog breed

Appenzeller Sennenhunde is known as a versatile hunting dog breed developed in Italy. With attractive characteristics, this breed is being learned a lot about its characteristics and care. If you want to know the characteristics and information related to this dogsbreed, please follow the following article.

Origin of the Appenzeller Sennenhunde dog breed

Appenzeller Sennenhunde is a quite special dog breed originating from Switzerland, also known as Cattle Dog. In Switzerland, this breed is very famous and is one of the 4 most popular calico types. In particular, they are often raised and cared for to guard, pull carts, protect or hunt. With their beautiful appearance and versatility in care purposes, they are especially well received and loved.

Origin of the Appenzeller Sennenhunde dog breed
Origin of the Appenzeller Sennenhunde dog breed

The Cattle dog is known from the northeastern part of Switzerland in the region of Appenzell Inner Rhodes State of St Gallen. With good-looking features such as short hair, loud barking and very intelligent. That’s why they are very docile when hunting or protecting targets. Appenzeller Sennenhunde is increasingly famous and has its own association of this breed. They are then raised throughout Switzerland and many places around the world.

What are the characteristics of Appenzeller Sennenhunde?

Appenzeller Sennenhunde is a dog breed with an impressive appearance, strong, balanced and full of vitality. With its unique calico coat, along with outstanding features of its head, body, legs and fur, Cattle dog always attracts all eyes and makes people fascinated. Here are some easily recognizable characteristics when observing this breed:


They have calico fur of average size and shape, square and perfectly balanced. The outer coat is thick and shiny, hugging close to the body. The main colors on the dog’s body are black and dark brown.

First part

Their heads are proportional and proportional to their body weight. The head is wedge-shaped, relatively flat and wide on both sides. The head is slightly pointed towards the muzzle and has a clear line from the forehead to the nose. Cattle Dog’s eyes are shaped like almonds, combined with amber brown color.

What are the characteristics of Appenzeller Sennenhunde
What are the characteristics of Appenzeller Sennenhunde

The Appenzeller Sennenhunde’s nose can be black or brown, depending on the coat color. The teeth are strong, short, extremely sturdy and sharp. This dog’s teeth and hearing are their ultimate weapons. The triangular ears are located at the highest part of the head and are always lowered. When stimulated by noise, they can stand up and protrude forward.

Body part

The back of the Appenzeller Sennenhunde dog breed is long, showing strength and majesty. The hips and buttocks are short and muscular, stretching straight to the end of the back. The chest is broad and the sternum is developed, extending to the back. Their tail is loose and curly, but when moving, it can curl up and form an o-shaped arc.

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Outstanding personality of Appenzeller Sennenhunde

The Appenzeller Sennenhunde is a famous herding dog breed with an active, intelligent and loyal personality. Here are some outstanding personality traits of this breed:

Appenzeller Sennenhunde is a dog breed that has the ability to greatly influence its surroundings. They are very active and noisy, so they need to be well trained and controlled to avoid causing nuisance to those around them.

Cattle Dogs love to be petted and cuddled, and are always ready to show their affection.

Cattle Dogs can get along well with other pets in the house, especially if raised together from a young age. However, they may have a predatory instinct towards small animals.

Outstanding personality of Appenzeller Sennenhunde
Outstanding personality of Appenzeller Sennenhunde

Cattle Dogs need regular exercise to release energy and maintain health and happiness.

Cattle Dogs can be fun and playful, but they can also be quite serious and alert. How happy they are depends on many factors, including their living environment, training, and activity level.

They need to be exercised regularly to avoid becoming bored and destructive.

How to care for Appenzeller Sennenhunde

Cattle Dog is a dog that runs around a lot, suitable for places with spacious spaces, not suitable for small apartments. For them to grow best, keep them in places with large and airy spaces. At the same time, note that this dog cannot tolerate very hot weather, so make sure their living environment is cool. This is a dog breed groups easy to raise.

Cattle Dog is known to be a non-picky and omnivorous dog. They can eat anything but need to avoid foods that are sweet or unhygienic. This type of food can affect their digestive system. Food for this dog should be chosen with high nutrients, especially food rich in protein and calcium to improve health and avoid obesity.

Market price

Currently, the price of Cattle Dogs is not widely known in Vietnam, so determining their price is quite difficult. According to some foreign sources, the price of this dog can range from 10 – 15 million VND or higher depending on the origin and quality.


So in the above article there is complete information about the Appenzeller Sennenhunde dog breed. These herding dogs are very adorable. Thanks to that, you can confidently search for and take care of this special dog breed.

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas expert in training and caring for pet dog breeds. Whether he spending quality time with her own furry companions or contributing to websites such as Dogsbreed.org and Animalpet.com, dedicated to our canine.

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