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Discover the characteristics of the Afghan Hound dog breed

Afghan Hound dogs have a very beautiful appearance in a splendid and elegant style. With characteristics like a hunting breed with incredible speed and flexibility. However, they are very affectionate and loyal to their owners. Let’s learn about this dogs breed right below.

Origin of the Afghan Hound breed

The Afghan Hound is also known as the Afghan hunting dog. They have a complex and mysterious historical origin. Although their name evokes their homeland of Afghanistan, little is known about the appearance and development of this dog breed.

Many historical texts record that in 1809, a drawing of an Afghan Hound was sent back from India by Thomas Duer Broughton. This painting was later published in a book in 1813. This suggests the existence of this breed at least 200 years ago and possibly longer.

Studies of dog genes indicate that they are descended from the oldest dog breeds. In Afghanistan, they are found in many different areas, with different plumage and size characteristics depending on the habitat.

Origin of the Afghan Hound breed
Origin of the Afghan Hound breed

Dog breeds that live in mountainous areas are usually smaller in size, with darker and heavier coats. Meanwhile, dogs living in the desert often have lighter and more tawny fur. They are trained to hunt prey such as deer, antelope, hares and even wolves.

The magic of the Afghan Hound lies not only in its excellent hunting ability but also in its intelligent cooperation with the falcon in hunting. These dogs were brought to the West by British military officers after they were brought from India to the Afghan border, and from there spread and flourished throughout the world. This breed belongs to the very intelligent Hound Dogs breed.

What are the characteristics of the Afghan Hound?

Afghan Hound is a very noble and elegant looking dog breed. In particular, they have many unique characteristics in appearance and personality that you can easily recognize as follows:

Appearance characteristics

The Afghan Hound has a unique and graceful appearance. They have an average height of about 35 cm for males and 30 cm for females, along with a weight of 23 to 27 kg. Their appearance is often described as regal, very proud and with long, silky fur.

Unique characteristics of the Afghan Hound include a strong, arched neck, prominent hips, large feet, and a tail that ends in a donut shape. Their heads and snouts are long, narrow and refined, often with a slightly convex snout. The ears are long and covered with longer hair.

What are the characteristics of the Afghan Hound
What are the characteristics of the Afghan Hound

The coat of the Afghan Hound is one of the most prominent highlights, with long, smooth and silky hair on the neck, front body, chest, flanks, hindquarters and legs. The face and back often have short, shiny fur. The color of the coat can range from black, black and tan, red, cream, blue, brindle, to domino or white.

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Although Afghan Hound puppies may have matte fur on their cheeks and saddle, this fur often falls out and is replaced by a long, shiny coat as they mature, creating a sophisticated and luxurious look. In terms of movement, they have a strong stride, smooth speed and flexible movement, creating an outstanding and impressive appearance.

Personality characteristics of the Afghan Hound breed

The Afghan Hound has a unique personality, mixing aloofness and dignity with excitement and humor. Although they may have a lethargic attitude at times as babies, this does not mean they are afraid. They are usually not aggressive towards people and take time to get to know people outside the family.

Afghan Hounds are independent thinkers and have the ability to learn quickly. However, they can selectively comply with their owner’s orders. This can make training them difficult and requires patience and tact. An owner with great patience, a sense of humor and good leadership will be able to take advantage of the Afghan Hound’s abilities and talents.

Their active and eager personality makes them ideal companions during sporting activities. They are capable of excelling in many sports and can show enthusiasm in carrying out their herding duties and hunting heritage. For their owners, preparing snacks and rewarding them is also an indispensable part to motivate and strengthen relationships.

How to care for Afghan Hounds

To care for an Afghan Hound, you need to consider and prepare a suitable living space. Although they like to live indoors with their family, at the same time they also need spacious space to freely move and run. This is especially important for this breed because they need open space to satisfy their daily exercise needs. A solid and carefully fenced garden is a must, because their running speed is considered to be better than that of horses and they can easily escape without a safety fence.

How to care for Afghan Hounds
How to care for Afghan Hounds

Coat care is also an important part of Afghan Hound care. With long, thick fur, you will need to brush it regularly to avoid tangles. However, bathing them does not need to be frequent, just bathe them when really necessary and be careful to keep the fur intact. When it is necessary to trim the fur, taking the dog to a professional spa will help preserve and maintain the perfect beauty of the fur.


So in the article above there is complete information about the Afghan Hound dog breed. Please find more information about this dog breed and choose to care for it. This dog breed groups is very popular, so please take a look.

Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas
Alva Thomas expert in training and caring for pet dog breeds. Whether he spending quality time with her own furry companions or contributing to websites such as Dogsbreed.org and Animalpet.com, dedicated to our canine.

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